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I would like to fill you in on the origin, purpose and future plans of Jigglygirls.com To do so, we broke it up into a short Q&A. We think, this way, you will be able to understand what Jiglygirls is all about.

Q: Where did the idea for Jigglygirls.com come from and how long has it been in the works?

A: I wanted to create a website site that had something you could not find anywhere else. After seem so many "Hentai" and "Erotic" websites where most of the artwork is rubbish and usually the content is steeled from other Japanese and non-Japanese artists (like me) I came up with a few ideas and then it hit me, Jiggly Girls! So I ran with it and I'm happy that I did. Specially after all the request received from the fans asking where they could find my erotic and uncensored anime art. So jigglygirls is what I envisioned and now it has been online for more than a year with fans and newcomers enjoying the highest hentai quality artwork the can find online.

Q: What type of content can be found on Jigglygirls.com?
A: Right now I'm showcasing exclusive, great pin-up work from Video games and Anime babes, I usually try to surprise the members every week with something different and cool, like different fetishes, poses, sexual situations, with characters that you rarely seem doing them.

Q: Is all the content drawen by you?
A: Everything you see on this site has been drawn and created by me. All of our content is 100% owned by me REIQ, but I'm sure that in the Future I'll add colaborations and work from other hentai artists.

Q.What type of artwork request do you accept?

A: I mostly accept Anime and videos games characters requests and as you can see on the preview gallery, there is NO Furry, Yaoi, Cartoon or Super Heroes characters related art on the site, however I'm open to review and consider all types of request and If I find it suitable it will be added to the list of JG request and it's more likely that you'll find in the site soon, but bare in mind that there's already a list and and order that I have to follow so it might take some time before I get it done.|

Q: How often is the site updated?

A: The site is updated weekly.

Q: What can someone find in this site that they can not find anywhere else?

A: Quality artwork, But seriously... you'll realize what you've been missing all of this time. Jigglygirls as a whole is in a league of its own.

Q: What does a member of Jigglygirls have to look forword to... What's next?t?

A: Numerous things like Doujins, Mangas, Erotic tales, Jiggly girls covering a wide range of fetish and sexual situations and a few other goodies I'm are saving for later. I want everyone to feel that they are getting their money's worth and more. so stay tuned.

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